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Emerging sharing economy and related social behaviours are creating novel, virtuous lifestyles. Fostering them is our goal.
We design, develop and deliver car sharing systems, integrated mobility platforms and other solutions for modern transportation needs.

Car Sharing Saving money, saving the environment

We build and deploy continuously evolving car sharing platforms, to cope with emerging partner demands and evolving customer habits.

Integrated Mobility All transportation modes, one platform

The more systems connect to a network, the more advantages individuals and companies derive from it. We enable such benefits in transportation.

Unprecedented Solutions Anticipating tomorrow's demands

We shape new transportation paradigms for people and goods, allowing seamless information exchange before, during and after trips.

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Meet CUP

Our mobility flagship product

CUP© is an innovative, integrated car sharing platform
for free floating, point-to-point and mixed operational modes.

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360° of Mobility

We deliver free floating, point-to-point and mixed mode shared mobility platforms, for both public and enterprise contexts. We have been working with cars, bikes and other transportation means, enabling seamless transportation experiences, improving people's life quality and company efficiency. Our expertise with hardware and software allows us to build custom products and quickly integrate existing systems and devices with our CUP platform or custom solutions we build.

Naturally Scalable

Our solutions are built with scalability in mind. Infrastructures grow alongside with customer businesses, so to support peaks, accomodate growth and meet new demands. Our cloud oriented approach allows system expansion without interruptions as new servers are added on the fly. Our experience with distributed systems and high loads allows us to tame big data produced by users, vehicles and all other connected systems.


Reliability First

Once you hit the road, you don't want to step into a breakdown. Reliability is one of the ingredients which makes our CUP Platform a wise choice for your service and a service provider favourite. Our experience with mission critical, cloud based systems, allows us to create decoupled, robust and resilient software architectures. These constitute the solid foundations of our reliable products.


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